"Coaching the coaches was the most enlightening and useful training I have ever been on! To be honest, I went there thinking I knew what coaching was but as it turned out I was merely paying lip service to something that, in order to work, should be truly embedded and part of the ethos and culture of the school. Claire’s training provided me with a deeper understanding and tools to try back at my school."

Nicola O'Brien
Assistant Headteacher (CPD)
The Samworth Academy, Leicester

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"Asking the right questions ensures

improvement of self-knowledge.

Result … sustained improvement?"

Coaching is a culture. Cultural change takes time, planning, strategy, development and support. In order to create an organisation where a question is truly seen as an opportunity for exploration rather than a potential threat, as leaders we must fully commit time and resources to ensure cultural change rather than "just another initiative".
In schools, we have little quality time to truly, on a regular basis, reflect and act upon on our professional practice, its effectiveness and impact across the school.  Coaching creates that reflective space in which people have the opportunity and support to experiment with their thoughts. They are able to put into practice new ideas and routines in an honest and non- judgemental forum, accepting time and focused support in the quest for personal and professional growth.


Training services offered:

  • Creating a 'Coaching School' - strategic planning to ensure effective cultural change
  • Coaching for Headteachers/SLT to develop appraisal with impact
  • Building and maintaining an effective coaching team.
  • Planning to create and establish an effective coaching team.
  • Coaching the coaches 
  • Coaching to develop effective middle leadership.
  • In class one to one coaching to improve Teaching and Learning.
  • Coaching to improve presence and persona in the classroom



All of Claire’s work is based upon the principles of coaching where questioning and reflection leads to rapid and sustained improvement.